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Back in 2009, shortly after adopting my daughter, I got my first “real” camera. I had an art degree but had only taken one photography class and had NO idea what I was doing. Essentially, everything you see on this website was built on a desire to learn and be better. I never expected to start a photography business but sometimes the universe has other plans.

As much as I love styling shoots and pulling together visual stories through clothing, locations, and other elements, the absolute best part of my job is getting to have fun with my clients while shooting. Most of my clients come back to me because I’m able to interact with their kids in a way that’s playful yet captures the best moments. 

The best part of photography is the relationships
I’m able to build with my clients.

my name is Jackie

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"Going in for newborn photos with Natalie, I was almost in tears with anxiety. Hudson wasn’t even two yet and could throw a mean fit! He was at an uncooperative age! I was so worried about getting just one family photo. You eased all my concerns, and not only did we get one, but we got multiple shots with Hudson cooperating and smiling! I cherish these photos. You make it fun for the kids and never pressure them or hurry them along. You’re amazing!"


"Avery, my 3 year old, is usually challenging when it comes to pictures, but Jackie makes it fun. When she first told me that she ‘spoke toddler’, I was thinking suuuurrrre; but after our first session with you, I will NEVER go anywhere else. Jackie is playful, engaging, and relaxed all at the same time. I now look forward to family phots because Avery is so comfortable with Jackie and loves to ‘wake her up’."


"We have been through it all! My kids LOVE Jackie and pretend play photographer all the time. Even when I am flustered with their crazy behavior, Jackie is calm and quick to pull the kids interest in and turn every situation around. It is seriously like magic! I am always in awe when we get pictures back! And sometimes I laugh because I know that behind a gorgeous image one of my kids had been eating mulch or pinching his sister."

Mary Ann

"I’ve always said, I can put my camera down for a whole year and just use the pictures that Jackie takes because she captures the essence of my kids perfectly. Her ability to capture their innermost spirit is a gift. Her photos grace my walls and make me happy."


"Four kids all smiling all looking?!? When does that happen?!? I use your tricks to this day to get a natural smile...I hate forced fake smiles and my babies are always “real” smiling when Jackie takes their photos! We’ve worked around a cast, a floating thumb, Torticollis. I’ve never doubted getting a photo I fall in love with at each session!"


"You are one of the best people to photograph my kids - no doubt about it! My kids are now at an age where they get excited to see "Miss Jackie" and even have us (mommy and daddy) use your techniques when we photograph them at home. They love how you make it a fun, interactive experience. You have so much patience with them and allow them to be themselves while trying to capture priceless memories!"

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