Twilight Sessions and Why They’re so Special…


January 25, 2013


Hello all! It’s Jackie! I hope you are enjoying the new site! I love seeing everyone’s feedback and have been so encouraged by all the positive remarks! Thank you so much for all your support! 🙂


This year, we are offering a few different types of sessions (in limited spots), but I wanted to take just a moment to tell you why one stands far above the rest (at least in this photographer’s humble opinion). The twilight sessions are my favorite by far!!! Why? Well numerous reasons but the bottom line is that you will get the best photos possible – hand’s down. Here are a few of the reasons why that is the case:


  1. Lighting!!!! Ask any photographer, and they will tell you the best light of the day is in the evening as the sun is coming down (with the exception of winter months perhaps). During this time, you get this beautiful golden light that illuminates everything or sometimes just a soft, even lighting where all the details and colors pop – either way, it’s absolutely gorgeous! 🙂 I will admit that it can be a struggle to find decent lighting for daytime shoots. I always do my best and choose locations based on where I can find shade from the harsh sun during the day but twilight hours will always give yield gorgeous light.
  2. Time!!! I put a lot of time and effort into these shoots!!!! First, these shoots are longer and sometimes conducted at multiple locations. We have the time to customize the shoot for each client; and therefore, the photos are more meaningful to each family. Plus the editing of these photos is a lot more intense but yields the best results! 🙂
  3. New and fun spots!!! We can go places that I can’t normally do for all day shoots. You name it, I’ve done it – wild flower field on the side of the road, behind the dumpsters at Penn Station, old factory, etc… I always make sure it is safe to shoot at these types of locations but these are not places I can just meet people at. We often drive together to find these little gems that can be located literally ANYWHERE! You would be surprised at some of the strange places I find great scenery and lighting.
  4. Props or no props!!! If you have a theme in mind we can use a twilight to bring it to life with props OR simply capture your family with both portraits and candids. It’s really up to each family! 🙂


I realize that these shoots are at a higher price point and by no means am I pushing them because of that. I simply know that I can get the best photos from these sessions and pour the most creativity into them. I would like to encourage families, if it fits in your budget, to consider doing a twilight session. These sessions are really where my heart lies and where I feel I can be most creative. I’m always amazed by how beautiful the evening light captures families. I still offer the basic sessions because I realize some families are on tight budgets, but the twilights are really where I can shine as your photographer! 🙂


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