Understanding the Art of Newborn Photography…

Newborn Photography

January 31, 2013

Delicate and sweet, your newborn is the most precious thing in the world to you. This isn’t just a job to me and these aren’t just photos to you – they are photos of YOUR new child! I pour a lot of thought, time, and resources into creating the perfect first photos of {your} newborn baby that {you} will cherish for a lifetime. Many new parents are VERY excited at the idea of getting newborn photos of their little one – that is until they see the price tag. I wanted to take a moment to outline all the planning, skill, and love that go into these special shoots.

Time: Simply stated, there is a TON of time that goes not only into capturing the photos itself but also preparing the expecting parents ahead of time. Mindy and I spend a great deal of time communicating with moms (and dads) before a little one’s arrival so that they understand EXACTLY what to expect from the shoot and when to expect it. There is a VERY small window of time after a baby born which is ideal for doing newborn photos so making sure everyone is clear on details and timeline well ahead of the birth is crucial. A lot of time is spent emailing and calling expecting moms to make sure everything is in place and ready to go – and that’s just BEFORE the baby gets here!

Once the baby arrives, it’s finally time for photos! Newborn shoots are LONG sessions that require a great deal of patience and detail. On average, a newborn session will last about 3 hours though that can vary quite a bit depending on the baby. Having worked with so many newborns, I know EXACTLY what I want to capture and how to go about it. Even as newborns, babies can have strong personalities. Some are feistier than others so I hone my approach accordingly to each baby!

After the shots are captured, there is a lot of editing to make the photos perfect! Newborn skin often has a ton of touch ups that need to be done in order to give it that “angelic” look. In addition, there are other little editing tricks that are done to make the final product PERFECT!

Overall, I would say that a newborn shoot takes up to 3-4 times the amount of time that a basic session takes.

Experience: This is not the time to experiment! You do not want to trust just anyone with handling your newborn baby. It takes a HUGE amount of skill to be able to work with and safely pose a newborn. I know which details to work on to make each shot absolutely perfect. Just by changing the placement of a baby’s fingers or slightly working to tilt a little one’s head can make the difference between an OK shot and a gorgeous one!  (see example)

Props: I can have up to $400 worth of props in one shot (or more). Did your jaw just hit the floor? It’s true! Let me break it down for you: (insert photo)

This beautiful shot of baby Caleb – antiqued car was $200, faux flooring is $125, hat was approximately $30 and layering blankets were about $50.



I don’t use anything but the best in my photos because even the smallest prop, if it is beautiful and well made, can make a beautiful photo. I look for things that do not take away from the baby but rather ADD to it. It’s a fine line between just the right amount of “frosting” and overkill. The baby needs to be the focus of every shot NOT the prop(s).

I’m not writing this post to convince people to hire me. If I have to convince you it’s worth spending the money then it is probably not a good match to begin with. I’m writing for parents to understand how much work and heart goes into these photos. You have ONE shot to get these photos right. Your baby is only a newborn ONE time. If it’s important to you, then take the time to find someone who understands this and will put the time and heart into achieving photos that you for a lifetime. Don’t leave it to chance.


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